Application Rules and Instructions

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Apply for the 2016 Rosenthal Prize by Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) is pleased to announce that the application period for the 2016 Rosenthal Prize for Innovation in Math Teaching is now open. MoMath is looking for an exceptional math activity to share with math teachers across the country. The winning activity will be innovative, engaging, hands-on, original, replicable, and designed for students in grades four through eight. The Rosenthal Prize carries a cash award of $25,000 for the single best activity, plus up to five additional monetary awards for other innovative activities.

For helpful tips from the judges on submitting a strong application, watch the application workshop available online.

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Applicants must be full-time* classroom teachers in the United States of America. Fourth through twelfth grade math teachers are invited to apply, but the winning activity must be designed for grades four through eight. Each applicant may submit only one lesson for consideration. MoMath staff members and their immediate families are not eligible for the Rosenthal Prize.

Application Process

Preliminary applications are due no later than Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Based on preliminary applications, selected finalists will be notified in July and invited to complete the final application. Please click here to download the rubric by which preliminary applications will be evaluated.

Should you be invited to the final round, the final round application will ask for more detailed information about the activity described in the preliminary application, including a complete lesson plan that describes the activity you explored in the preliminary application, a video no longer than 45 minutes that shows you teaching the activity in question, and supporting documentation, including student work samples, that may help MoMath judges better understand the activity. You will also be asked to provide three professional recommendations from a variety of sources and a personal statement.

Application Instructions

To apply for the Rosenthal Prize for Innovation in Math Teaching, please create an account or log in.

Once you have created an account, you can log in. Select "Create a New Application" to view the six application questions and submit your answers. You must answer all questions to save your application. However, you can return to your application and edit your application until the closing date.

Application Questions

To submit a preliminary application, you will need to answer the following six questions:

  • 1. Describe an innovative activity you implemented with your students in which the activity itself illustrates a relevant mathematical concept. If your activity was not implemented with 4th through 8th grade students, please also include a description of how it would be modified to work with this age group. (Please answer in 200 words or less.)
  • 2. What was the grade level of the students who participated in your activity?
  • 3. Please write a brief essay explaining how this activity represents your teaching philosophy. (Please answer in 200 words or less.)
  • 4. Is this activity original to you? If so, please comment on when and how you developed it. If this activity is one you have borrowed from another source, please provide an attribution and explain how you have adapted or changed the activity.
  • 5. Imagine that another teacher were trying to implement your activity in their classroom. If they had to start from scratch, what materials would they need? How much time would it take to prepare? What would be the cost (at market value) of all materials involved?
  • 6. When did you start using this innovative practice in your classroom?

Need Assistance?

For technical concerns and questions about the Rosenthal Prize, contact

*Candidates must be employed as teachers in an accredited school and have classroom teaching duties encompassing 60% or more of a full teaching schedule in order to apply.